Pokt Network: Decentralized Web 3.0 Infrastructure

Welcome to episode 9 of OurDecentralizedFuture where we talk about Pokt Network: Decentralized Web 3.0 Infrastructure

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In episode 9 Andrew talked to Michael O’Rourke of the Pocket Network.  Pocket Network is a protocol, not a business. Since it’s not a business, there is no entity trying to squeeze as much profit out of the service as possible. A business is always going to try and maximize profits… the price of any product is always determined by how much people are wiling to pay, not it’s actual value.

The Pocket Network creates a simple market. Developers want get data from the blockchain for their application, and node operators provide the infrastructure, and get compensated in the native POKT currency. Developers only pay for (with POKT) the exact resources that they use.

It’s an intelligent system with no middle men and no one trying to profit by locking developers into contracts or monthly fees for resources they may or may not use.


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