My Story

Hi, my name is Adam.

I spent the first 35 years of my life in Australia, and decided to move to the US with my partner in search of adventure and life experiences. I’ve worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon in IT Security, and still have my IT company in Australia.

I hadn’t been in the USA for very long, training to be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior when Australian Ninja Warrior started and so I had the opportunity to compete in the first season. I made it to the semi-finals… and have been training for American Ninja Warrior ever since.

The move from Australia to the US was difficult. There were no language barriers, but we quickly realised that most retail company systems couldn’t handle edge cases like us. We didn’t have a credit score at all, forms couldn’t handle international drivers licenses, the social security process was fraught with errors and banks, in both Australia and the US have very narrow criteria and could rarely accommodate us.

To the point where one bank suggested we fly the 17 hours back to sign a form… we didn’t do that.

We live in the digital age, there are solutions to all the problems we’ve faced, and so I set out exploring. I found a number of blockchain solutions to a whole raft of problems and now I’m helping businesses use these solutions to cut costs, increase security and customer satisfaction.

Blockchain technology is often heralded as a magic bullet that’ll solve everything, and that’s simply not true. It often introduces complexities and issues that do exist in a centralized database or ledger.

It is an exciting field though, and lots of communities, organisations and groups have created blockchain solutions that individuals and businesses can plug right into… and I’m here to help.

If you’re interested in finding out where existing blockchain protocols might benefit you and your business, please hit my contact page and we’ll talk.