Integrating with Koinos – what do we need to know?

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned in my post about Koinos mining, I’m very interested in the Koinos network, a new blockchain that is being built by the Koinos Group. Part of the reason that I’m so interested in this blockchain is that we’re early.

Being early on blockchain projects can put you in a great position if the network is successful. The KOIN token itself is currently being traded at just over one cent USD on Uniswap

Integrating with Koinos

Considering users of the KOINOS network will need KOIN to power their usage, this means the barrier of entry to people like myself is tiny.

If KOIN is worth, say, 50 cents a year after Koinos Mainnet is live, then it’s obviously a lot more expensive to obtain the KOIN I might need to power the transactions I personally would want to run on this blockchain.

Obviously no one can predict the future, and KOIN might not be used by anyone… but at this point, being so early in the project is extremely exciting.

Integrating with Koinos

I wanted to find out how I could best set up my own project so that once the Koinos Mainnet was up and running, I could incorporate the ability for people to tip each other in KOIN.

I wanted to know what I (and anyone else who might be interested incorporating smart contracts into their projects) could or should learn while the blockchain is being developed… and luckily Andrew Levine (@andracy) was kind enough to join me in a Zoom chat again.

Integrating with KOINOS on

Feel free to start the video by clicking on the image below:

Integrating with Koinos

Unfortunately my video froze during recording… but in the moment everything seemed completely fine to me. Guess that’s the difference between using the Recording function in Zoom versus OBS… still, the answers Andrew provides are excellent!

If you’d prefer to watch the chat right here in this post, here is an embedded YouTube video:

I’m really excited with the timelines that Andrew provided, it sounds like we’ve got a few months to get ready for testnet. I believe at this point, the community will be able to start developing the smart contracts and tools they’d want to use on the Koinos mainnet.

If you have any questions… please feel free to either comment below, or on this tweet:

Here are all the good bits:

Koinos Network Socials


Koinos Group Socials


Thanks so much for watching!


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