Let me explain why I reserved an Aptera – they are super cool…

Hi everyone!

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that’s read my Lift Aircraft, Arcimoto or numerous Tesla posts that I’m a massive electric vehicle nerd.

I’ve been on this bandwagon for a long time… most of my life Australia has had to deal a ton of environmental issues; from the hole in the ozone layer throughout my childhood, to really scary, long-lasting droughts to the huge bushfires a year ago.

When we moved from Australia to America, we were absolutely astounded that every second vehicle on the roads seemed to be a massive pickup truck like the F-150. They are just a monster compared to the Ford Falcon ute we where used to seeing…


Petrol/Gas in the US is so crazy cheap compared to Australia and Europe, but obviously Australia can’t afford for the world to keep burning fossil fuels at the same rate is has been, and so advances in electric vehicles are always going to catch my eye…

This electric vehicle caught my eye


So I literally just reserved my own Aptera. What on earth is that?

It’s this…

Or in a less video-y format:


So it looks super futuristic, which I really like… but it’s the specs that absolutely blow me away.

It is super, super, super aerodynamic, which means it is super fast, super efficient and super cheap.

Here is what I ordered…


I specced it up pretty hard and so I’ll be getting a $29,300 car (minus whatever Federal and State incentives are available (Fed $7500 Oregon $2500 currently)) that I might not even have to charge.

That’s right… I might get away with never paying for fuel/power.

AND… it’ll do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Craziness!

When we get back into the office, I have a 10 mile commute each way… but the Aptera has a 250 mile battery and enough solar panels on it to charge 24 miles while it’s parked.

If a 250 range vehicle makes you nervous, they have more expensive options, with even a 1000 mile battery option at $45k.


The solar panels seem pretty subtle…

Reserved an Aptera

and the interior looks so so so cool…

Reserved an Aptera

… and while it’s obviously not for everyone, especially since it’s just a 2 seater vehicle, given how cheap it’s going to be, I think it makes a perfect 2nd or 3rd vehicle for the family.

Reserved an Aptera

Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

They call it a SEV, which is a Solar Electric Vehicle. A Tesla is a BEV, a Battery Electric Vehicle and a Toytoa Prius is a PHEV which is a Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle – it can be powered by both petrol and batteries. There are also FCEVs (Full Cell Electric Vehicles) which might be powered by, say, hydrogen cells, but I’m just not excited by that technology.

I’m really excited I reserved an Aptera, but like everyone who has ordered one, I’m probably going to have to wait a year or more until they hit their strides in production. They haven’t built their production lines yet, but it sounds like the company has got Sandy Munro to help with that, so I’m confident it’ll be challenging, but they’ll get there.

Now that I’ve ordered one with a $100 refundable reserve fee, they’ve given me a referral code so if you’re interested in reserving one it’ll only cost you $70. I wish I had known that before I got too excited… anyway, here is the link to my referral code.

I’m so excited about this vehicle and this company. I truly hope that Tesla has paved the way for some truly innovative vehicles to help us crawl a bit of the future back for the generations to follow.

If you have any questions or you’re super excited or think I’ve made a terrible mistake, let me know on the tweet below…

Thanks for reading!


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