Transaction speeds – centralization vs decentralization – which will be faster?

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Andrew Levine @andrarchy (CEO of The Koinos Group) and I chat about an interesting thing I noticed last week. I talk about it here (warning : only for Cinnamon/Coil users, also, fierce sheep warning) but essentially I made a transaction between two different banks that appeared to be instant.

Transaction speed was always a benefit that blockchain held over banking in my mind… and I always wondered what it might be like for retailers to get their money the moment they sold an item instead of days later from credit card companies.

Centralized Transaction Speeds

The technology that allowed this instant transaction is called the New Payments Platform – it looks amazing and as far as I can tell the banks add a bunch of funds in escrow with the Reserve Bank (which is the FSS box down the bottom).

Transaction speeds - centralization vs decentralization

Obviously to settle in seconds is way better than waiting 2 business days, but now your transaction needs to be authorized and confirmed by both banks and the Reserve Bank… as opposed to math and code from a blockchain.

Here is the link to the Cinnamon Video. Or, if you want to watch it right here, here is the Cinnamon embedded version:

Or, if you prefer a YouTube embed:

Also, I updated my post about being a Koinos Miner and investing in the Uniswap Liquidity Pool at this link. It includes all the financials… the fees, the earnings, the comparison to just holding Ethereum.

Decentralized Transaction Speeds

Decentralized blockchains are always going to be able to settle payments faster than multiple centralized entities, however, the more centralized the blockchain the faster the transaction. It’s a very interesting dynamic and it really helps to think of it as a spectrum that every system sits on.

Thanks reading and watching all about transaction speeds – centralization vs decentralization!

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