Koinos Testnet Developer Preview and BitClout

Today we’re talking about the Koinos Testnet Developer Preview and BitClout the crypto social media!

Hi everyone!

Last week Andrew (@andrarchy) announced the release of the Koinos Testnet Developer Preview on Hackernoon and Hive, and I’m actually in the middle of writing a guide on how to set it up. I have hit some technical snags myself, but it’s my first time using Docker so it’s probably not that surprising.

The Koinos Testnet Developer Preview is a way to run the entire blockchain on your own PC. You’re not interacting with anyone else, and so you can really start to delve into it to see how it works as well as experiment with your own smart contracts code without affecting anyone else or accidentally costing yourself tokens if your smart contract behaves unexpectedly. I’m honestly really excited to get this up and running to have a look myself.

We also spoke about BitClout and our confusion to how it actually technically works. It is open-sourced (GitHub here) and it does have it’s own Block Explorer… but neither actually tells anyone very much.

If you’d like to see and hear Andrew make some great points, here is the Cinnamon.video version:

Here is the YouTube version:


I referenced a couple of tweets during this conversation. This is the tweet I was talking about where Andrew shows a screenshot of the Koinos Testnet Developer Preview:

This was the other tweet I mentioned where you can see how much you’ve spent on Ethereum fees:

I’ve definitely seen some scary screenshots….. but…. they’re also from people who have been working with Ethereum for a long time, so at the time the fees would have been a lot less. Although if they hadn’t spent that ETH on fees and just held instead…

Thanks for reading about our discussion on the Koinos Testnet Developer Preview and BitClout.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below or reply to this tweet:

Thanks so much for watching!

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