Hello and welcome to my Monthly Income Report for June 2021! This is my 11th monthly income report for my Lifebe.com.au blog.

This was a 12 month experiment to see if I could earn an income with this blog that I could build on year over year to eventually provide me with enough financial freedom to have more choices.

I haven’t really put the effort in that I had hoped… but I’ve been doing way better in the last month than most months combined… and my traffic has dramatically increased, so I really need to keep on pushing…

The downside is that Coil finished their boost program and Cinnamon just announced that their own boost program has finished too, so now I really need to really build up my traffic and work on affiliate links instead.

Let’s get into the income report for June…

Monthly Income Report for June 2021

Monthly Income Report for June 2021

I’ve now got 69 posts on this blog. With 12 produced in June. This is by far my best effort to date, and I’m really proud of my effort… and very much intend to keep it up.

Focus areas for this blog

I’ve seen so many posts of people that believe you should really hone in on one niche topic and really build your audience around that… and I’m just going to entirely ignore that advice.

I’m interested in so many things… and I think there will be people that like whatever I write because they like my style energy, etc… and some people will only like my training posts or pixel art posts or whatever, and just ignore the rest.

I am curious to see how Google is going to treat my blog… will I just rank for random things, or will it try and put me in a box? I have no idea…

This monthly income report will include not just income from this blog, but income from my blogging efforts… this includes my content on PeakD.comCinnamon.video and Coil.com

I won’t be including the web-monetization from Coil and Cinnamon because it consists of hundreds of transactions… it’s honestly not much, a couple of dollars a month.

Income for June

+ $100 – Cinnamon Boost

I was really excited to receive this boost… I wasn’t expecting it and now even more excited because it was actually the very last one.

The Cinnamon Boost program has finished with no clues on what might come out in the future if anything. I still very much intend to use Cinnamon in the future, I love the community… but yeah, I’m struggling to get views on my videos on that platform. I do have 133 videos there… and have made $22.5 in microtransactions on that platform… which is still better than anything I accomplished on YouTube.

If you’re interested in creating on the Cinnamon platform and be eligible to whatever boost programs they have in the future, please use my referral code.

This is my Cinnamon channel:


Monthly Income Report for June 2021

The way that Cinnamon works is that anyone can watch videos on the platform… but some of the better videos are locked and can only be viewed by Coil subscribers.

When Coil Subscribers watch any of the videos (either the free ones or the locked ones) a portion of their subscription goes to the creator of the video. You earn $0.36 per hour that a subscriber spends on your content… so the more subscribers consuming your content, the better for everyone!

Costs for June

– $14 Fathom Analytics

My Fathom trial period is over and since I don’t have any active referrals yet (click here if you’re interested) I’m now paying full price for this honestly fantastic service. I check it every day and I can’t emphasis enough how excited I am to use it and not leak data to Google Analytics.

Results for June

Income Total – $100

Expenses Total – $14

Profit Total – $86

I also earned 222 HIVE for my posts and investments in the Hive ecosystem… which is worth about $64. I didn’t put it in my income tally because I’m keeping all my Hive on the blockchain. It’s not true revenue…. 116 of that Hive is liquid so I’m pumping it straight into my Splinterlands collection just in time for the SPS airdrop.

Analytics for June

Building up traffic is always a difficult prospect for an independent site… but I’m definitely looking to really start to amp these up. Sites like Hive and Coil are great… but your older work doesn’t really seem to matter all that much… this is where having your own website can really start to work out for you.

Huge uptick in traffic this month… due almost exclusively to the Mint.Club including my post in their Telegram Group pinned post as a ‘newbie guide’. In May I had 70 unique site visits and 137 site pageviews… June, is, different…

Monthly Income Report for June 2021

The post I mentioned above… has literally done better than the homepage this month… which makes sense considering people went straight to the post from the Telegram group link as opposed to finding it via search engine.

Fathom has a cool new function where you can click on each post and see where the traffic came from… So I can see that the Mint Club post came primarily from Telegram, but the Monthly Income Report for May came from Google when I drill down on each post.

Love that! Really helps me figure out where to socialize these posts…

Obviously no surprises here…

I expect Telegram to drop right off next month… the airdrop for Mint Club has closed… and even though that Telegram group has 80k members, I don’t expect much traffic from there in the future.

Search Engine Optimization

I do love that Google is right up there as a traffic source… so I went to SEMRush to figure out what people are looking for when they found my site… and the results were totally surprising…

Monthly Income Report for June 2021

I had no idea that Unicorn Pixel Art was so sought after…

I don’t think the country traffic origin really means anything at the moment… it’s really just the countries that the Mint Club is most popular with…

I’m socialising my posts on Pinterest and Twitter. There was 2 click from Pinterest above, so that’s nice. I’ve been putting in a lot more effort into Pinterest… at least saving some pins a few times a week… and while the engagement has exploded… it hasn’t really resulting in many clicks… yet.


Like most social media, Pinterest rewards consistent activity… so if I play that game for long enough it might start to push my posts in front of the eyeballs. For a lot of bloggers Pinterest is their main source of traffic… so I do think it’s worth sticking with…

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Thanks so much for reading my Monthly Income Report for June 2021.
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Coil – A $5 USD monthly subscription fee provides you access to a ton of content and sites in a way that fairly rewards the creators of that content.

Exxp – The WordPress App to link your blog to the Hive blockchain.

NomadTask – Earn for completing online tasks like following accounts or completing reviews.

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