Hello and welcome to my Monthly Income Report for March! This is my 8th monthly income report for my Lifebe.com.au blog! Jeesh! I’m super late for this report… it’s honestly been a crazy couple of weeks.

Let’s hit this….

I’ve now got 49 posts on this blog. With 5 produced in March. Definitely continuing my blogging slowdown from February, but I’m pretty close to having a few things close out which give me a ton of energy back.

We’re getting really close to the Coil.com boost changing forever (to a referral system) and the Cinnamon boost has changed now too. Here are the details, but essentially 40 creators will win $100 of XRP every month… and no creator can earn two months running.

I’m totally not going to benefit from this change, both Coil and Cinnamon’s boost programs have been exceptionally generous to me… but I’m honestly happy with both of them changing to get more people on the sites. Anything that drives more views and engagement is definitely positive in my mind! So well done teams!

You’ll need a Coil account for either/or both Coil and Cinnamon, so jump over here if you’re interested or feel free to ask me all about it. Always happy to talk about the things!

This monthly income report will include not just income from this blog, but income from my blogging efforts… this includes my content on PeakD.comCinnamon.video and Coil.com

I won’t be including the web-monetization from Coil and Cinnamon because it consists of hundreds of transactions… it’s honestly not much, a couple of dollars a month.

Income for March

+ $300 Cinnamon Boost

Last boost of that size forever from Cinnamon, it’s been an absolutely incredible run on my Cinnamon channel. The Cinnamon team have been so responsive and so helpful and supportive. I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a platform as excited to have me as Cinnamon. I’m still incredibly excited to continue creating for that platform. I’ve been super quiet in the last month or so, there’s been a hell of a lot to deal with in my life… but I’m slowing chipping away at the stressors and am looking forward to creating a whole lot of videos in the near future.

This is my Cinnamon channel:


+ $606.23 Coil Boost

Just one more month left of the Coil Boost. I know I’ve got a huge amount of work to do to encourage people to sign up to Coil via the Coil affiliate link signups to get anywhere close to these amounts…. and that’s why I think this is a good move by Coil.

Especially since they’re moving away from being a blogging site and really just concentrating on the microtransactions and Interledger technology instead.

My Coil page is:


Costs for February

– $14 Fathom Analytics

My Fathom trial period is over and since I don’t have any active referrals yet (click here if you’re interested) I’m now paying full price for this honestly fantastic service. I check it every day and I can’t emphasis enough how excited I am to use it and not leak data to Google Analytics.

With the Facebook Breach just being so outrageous and Apple starting to focus on consumer privacy, I really do think we’ll all trend away from Google Analytics… we all owe it to our users.

Results for March

Income Total – $906.23

Expenses Total – $14

Profit Total – $892.23

I also earned 289.68 HIVE for my posts and investments in the Hive ecosystem… which is worth about $191.19. I didn’t put it in my income tally because I’m keeping all my Hive on the blockchain. It’s not true revenue.

It’s been really exciting seeing the price of HIVE explode somewhat in the last couple weeks. This time last month it was half this price.

I honestly see HIVE and KOINOS as my retirement strategies. I want to build up my stake enough to be able to create and curate as my retirement activities… in y’know, 25 years.

Analytics for March

Building up traffic is always a difficult prospect, but here’s where I’m at:

Down from last month which is both fine and expected. You, ah, can really tell which days were my 5 posts, hey?

Interesting that Google is the 2nd highest referrer… that’s definitely an improvement from previous months. It’s also odd to see Facebook on here as well considering I’ve never posted to Facebook ever.

Last month there was a sizeable group of clicks from South Korea and this month it was Japan. Not really sure why my posts have been this international but I like it. Welcome everyone!

I’m socialising my posts on Pinterest and Twitter. There was 1 click from Pinterest above, so that’s nice. I actually forgot to post to Pinterest in the 2nd half of March, but somehow the analytics are looking up…

So that’s my report for March… I expect my blogging income to drop right off over the next few months… but that’s completely fine. I’ll still continue to create the things I want to create and build up my audience. Google seems to know that I exist… so onwards and upwards!

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Thanks so much for reading my Monthly Income Report for March.
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Please note : The above post may contain affiliate links.

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Coil – A $5 USD monthly subscription fee provides you access to a ton of content and sites in a way that fairly rewards the creators of that content.

Exxp – The WordPress App to link your blog to the Hive blockchain.

NomadTask – Earn for completing online tasks like following accounts or completing reviews.

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