Hello and welcome to my Monthly Income Report for October! This is my 3rd monthly income report for my Lifebe.com.au blog! Here are the links to previous income posts:

Monthly Income Report – September 2020
Monthly Income Report – August 2020

Let’s hit this….

Monthly Income Report for October

I’ve now got 19 posts on this blog. With 6 produced in October.

This monthly income report will include not just income from this blog, but income from my blogging efforts… this includes my content on PeakD.comCinnamon.video and Coil.com

I won’t be including the web-monetization from Coil and Cinnamon because it consists of hundreds of transactions… it’s honestly not much, a couple of dollars a month.

Income for October

+ $300 Cinnamon Boost

The boosts come in around the 15th, so I still have no idea if it’s for July, for August, or for 15th July to 15th August, but essentially the Top 10 Cinnamon creators get $300 boost and then the top 11-20 get $50 boost in XRP.

I managed to get myself into the Top 10 for October, which actually wasn’t that big a surprise since I had created over 2 hours of video for the Cinnamon #JustTheTwoOfUs collaboration challenge.

+ $234.01 Coil Boost

Like the Cinnamon Boost, I’m still not really sure what makes up the boost. I don’t know the timelines involved, or if it’s related to upvotes on my content, or microtransactions, or if there is a pool of boost funds and all the creators affect each other. No idea… and so I’m not sure why the previous month was $626.16 and the one before $316.36 and what factors affect it.

I don’t actually spend any time thinking about it, I just write what I want to write when I’m feeling inspired, and am then just super grateful with whatever I receive. It’s absolutely incredible that Coil boosts it’s creators to create content that they want to create… when does that ever happen?

If you want more details on making money on blogging platforms, please check out my post here.

Costs for October

– $4 Fathom Analytics

This was the introductory price and so next month this expense will be $14… unless someone uses my affiliate link.

Nothing for September, although next month there will be a new monthly cost for analytics.

Results for October

Income Total – $534.01

Expenses Total – $4

Profit Total – $530.01

I also earned 137.73 Hive for my posts and investments in the Hive ecosystem… which is worth about $15. I didn’t put it in my income tally because I’m keeping all my Hive on the blockchain. It’s not true revenue.

Analytics for October

I don’t have the traffic yet for any advertisements or anything, not yet anyway, here are my analytics for October.

Analytics for October

From 4 last month to 15 last month.

I’m socialising my posts on Pinterest and Imgur.

Pinterest Monthly Income Report for October

Obviously a lot more work needs to be done. I got 2 visitors to my blog from Imgur and 1 from Pinterest. That said, I think Pinterest is really the area to improve on… it’s the platform that people look for blog posts for more information.

Affiliate Links

I signed up as an Amazon Associate. While I can’t see myself using this super often except in my Ninja Warrior training posts. Have to assume it’s better to have it than not. I’ve also added an affiliate link disclaimer and links to the various platforms and products to the footer of each post. I don’t expect anything to come of it, but at least it’s all set up just in case.

Thanks so much for reading my Monthly Income Report for October.
Please hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions!


Please note : The above post may contain affiliate links.

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Splinterlands – A super fun blockchain card game that I play almost every day.

Fathom Analytics – Cookie notices no longer needed since Fathom doesn’t track data. You can see this site’s analytics right here.

Coil – A $5 USD monthly subscription fee provides you access to a ton of content and sites in a way that fairly rewards the creators of that content.

Exxp – The WordPress App to link your blog to the Hive blockchain.

NomadTask – Earn for completing online tasks like following accounts or completing reviews.

MINT Club – Create your own Smart Media Tokens with no coding required.

GALA Games – Gala is creating a whole platform of blockchain games. Definitely excited about Mirandus, Townstar and SpiderTanks.

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