Paid for blogging

I’ve only just started blogging on my own blog and website.

My main reason for that is so that I ultimately have control over my own content. However, I’ve actually had reasonable success in getting paid to blog on blogging platforms.

That’s right, paid to blog by the platform!

I personally think it’s a great way to start… it might not cost anything to get started, you usually have a ready-made audience for your posts, there are lots and lots of examples of what works and what doesn’t, you might make lots more friends, and you don’t have to set up infrastructure.

For example…

In setting up this website, I had to have:

  • a webhost (which I already had)
  • a domain
  • a SSL certificate (I’m still not sure if I had to buy that, it was pretty confusing)

Before I even pushed the little Publish button on my first post I’m already down $65.

Writing your posts on a blogging platform probably won’t cost you anything. If it doesn’t work out for you, or the enthusiasm dies right off, you haven’t lost anything. Pretty amazing hey?

We’ve all heard of Medium.

I don’t have any experience with that platform at all. However, if you’ve already got a good social media following, and your posts are well received, you can make quite a bit of money.

Shelby mentions her posting experience on Medium in this video…

Essentially people buy subscriptions, and then can clap/vote on their favourite articles. The author gets paid based on the number of votes. Subscribers only get a certain amount of votes depending on their subscription level.

Medium also has a partner program that I think pays you based on the length of subscribers spend on your post.

If your post is really good and a little bit niche, then it can get picked up by offshoot publications like HackerNoon.

So let’s get into platforms that I do know…

Blogging platform Coil is such an exciting platform and I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. My account on Coil is AussieNinja and I love the platform and love the community. I still very much intend to continue posting to Coil even while I’m blogging here.

It’s a very simple blogging platform. There are no comments, or categories and anyone can post their content there for free.

To make money off the platform though, you have to become a Coil Subscriber which costs $5 a month. Subscribers read your work and micro-payments are distributed for the time spent on those posts. It is incredible technology.

Coil Boost Program

You’re always earning tiny little drops of payments as subscribers view your posts, but at the moment, and probably for a limited time, the real money comes from the Coil Boost Program.

Coil Boost Program

The Coil Boost Program is just amazing. The platform itself gives you a little bonus payment based on the upvotes and views you’ve received on your post… and I’ve honestly made thousands of dollars with this program… for posting about whatever I want to post about. It’s incredible.

I’ve made a couple of posts about my earnings here, for example, my second month on Coil… but I intend to do a regularly monthly Income Reports on this blog, and I’ll include Coil in this too.

The Boost Program could end at any moment. I believe they said they’ll keep it going until micropayments essentially make creators the same amount… but I guess we’ll see.

Micro blogging platform

Full disclosure, I created gfam, I might be a little biased…

… but it’s a great little platform for story-telling and microblogging.

Apparently blog posts should be 750-1000 words, but gFam is all about the short and sweet stories.

Content consumers pay the creators.

This means that one consumer could tip you a lot, or lots of consumers might tip you a little. While the photo is important, the real value is in the story that you tell.

Here is my most recent post…

Post on gFam

3 different consumers tipped me a total of 22 XRP (approx $6.17 USD) and while that’s not a huge amount…

… it’s still more than I ever made on Instagram.

I know people aren’t familiar with XRP, but it doesn’t cost you anything to set up a wallet by Xumm to accept these coins… and they can be sent to anyone in the world within 3 seconds and with no fees.

Try sending $1 to someone on the other side of the planet via PayPal or Venmo blogging platform

I’ve been on for years and it’s also honestly incredible. On this platform, your payments depend way more on how other people vote on your posts… but you can often make more if one person with a lot of power votes on you than 1000s of people with no power.

That doesn’t sound great…

… except that there are lots of powerful people looking for high quality work to vote on.

There are also Communities that help support creators who have fairly niche interests.

The absolutely amazing thing about PeakD is that you also make money from voting on quality content. It’s called Curation Rewards and it’s absolutely the reason why people look for great content to vote on.

Here is my PeakD account. You can see the amounts that I’ve earned on the bottom right corner of each post.

The good with blogging platforms…

The internet is all about views and clicks…

… we’re now at a stage where platforms need those views and clicks so badly that they’re willing to pay content creators to help them build up their platforms.

It’s an incredible time to be alive and to try and derive an income online. The hard part, at this point, is to establish a regular income that could challenge permanent full time employment.

It’s incredible that any platform will pay you for creating whatever content you like… that’s not how employment usually works.

The problem with blogging platforms…

Personally I’ve found… and maybe this is true of all blogging endevours… but your payments tend not to be based on the quality of your work, but moreso how popular you are with the other members of that blogging platform.

Sometimes you’ll notice a post with a few photos get more upvotes than the post you spent hours on. Their post will earn more, even though it took a fraction of the time.

This might just be true of the whole world though, it’s not always the best product that is the best seller…

So I hope that helps you out. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions…


Please note : The above post may contain affiliate links.

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Coil – A $5 USD monthly subscription fee provides you access to a ton of content and sites in a way that fairly rewards the creators of that content.

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NomadTask – Earn for completing online tasks like following accounts or completing reviews.

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