Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - April vs Rosie

Urban Gladiators – Round 6

Welcome to the exciting sixth round of the Urban Gladiators contest!

Here are the previous rounds:
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This is a series that I super love… I took all the photos and created all the comics. I had a website a long time ago that people were able to vote on the winner of the fight. I’d create a post with just the profiles and a voting mechanism… give the voting a week, and while that was happening create all the art in Photoshop.


Here is the teaser comic that I had previously posted on Instagram:

Instagram - Urban Gladiators - Round 6

Let’s meet our gladiators for today’s battle!

Round 6 – April takes on Rosie in Toledo, Spain

April flew in from the Gold Coast, Australia and is a model with a precise, sharp determination to succeed. She needs nothing more than her fist chains to bring her opponent to their knees.

Rosie is a personal trainer from Melbourne who wields a sword like a maniac. She is inexhaustible, feisty and totally scary. Does April stand any sort of chance?

Rosie was my Fire and Ice model.

April and Rosie go head to head in a hidden fight at the train station in Toledo, Spain. Both are vying to take down the other and prove their entry into Urban Gladiators.

Drink in the sport, witness the spectacle and cheer for your favourite fighter.

Very different to the last round, this contest was the closest yet, with the lead changing constantly. The winner ended up winning with 52.38% of the vote.

Let’s get on with Urban Gladiators – Round 6!

Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 1
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 2

Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 3
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 4
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 5
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 6
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 7
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 8
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 9
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Panel 10

In the empty train station in Spain, without witnesses, no one knew how close this fight really was.. with April just edging out Rosie…

Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Results
Urban Gladiators - Round 6 - Winner

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