Welcome to my post about building your Car Empire on the resource management NFT game! #PlayToEarn


Hi everyone!

Some friends of mine are building out a NFT card collection game similar to Splinterlands but with a much more city building, modern feel to it.

It’s called Car Empire, and to get people started they’re giving away 1000 pack codes.

To be eligible for one or more of the pack promo codes, fill out this form and retweet this tweet and add some friends along for the ride:

It’s super, super, super, super early in the project…. literally starting today as you can see by the packs for sale:

The game seems like it’ll be both simple and, ah, complex.

It’s all about building up a city and farming resources from all the different elements.

A city is what your clan/guild will be building up… you’ll have Cells, which is land and building blocks of the city. You’ll have buildings build on the Cells… and then you’ll have cars. Cars can do two things… they can farm around the buildings or they can go out and fight to get more resources.

I’ve bought a couple of packs already to help with testing…

Building your Car Empire

I quite like the art style, they remind me so much of Micro Machines that I used to play with as a kid.

Obviously the Patrol Adams is my favourite… because I’ve got a gold one and because of the name…. although it sounds like the Big Mama might be the favourite of the team… just a hunch I’ve got.

On the card itself, you’ll see the attributes of the vehicle. The little lightning bolt is Energy, that measures how much the car can do on the map… then Speed. The little purple rocketship is Boost, and the higher that number, the better chance you have of getting a critical hit. The little blue steering wheel is for Handling, and the higher that number the bigger punch you pack in a fight.

Under the card you see a list of elements, so the gold foil Patrol Adams card has 1 fire element, which is what it will farm:

  • Water ($CEWAT)
  • Fire ($CEFIR)
  • Rock ($CEROC)
  • Iron ($CEIRO)
  • Ice ($CEICE)
  • Wood ($CEWOO)
  • Myst ($CEMYS)

Myst seems to be a special element that acts like a wildcard that can change up different elements.

Once your cars have collected enough resources, you can use the resources to build buildings, which will then farm even more resources and your cars will have to go and collect those resources before the buildings are full. Definite original SimCity vibes.

It gets more complex once you start adding in the cells, cities and countries… but I think you get the general gist of it.

So many of the pieces to this game will be currencies or NFTs, which means you’ll own all the bits… and you can take them off chain to sell or trade. The game will be built on the the Binance Smart Chain and off chain transactions will be on PancakeSwap.

I just want to reiterate that this game is super, super, super early. You can buy packs, but that’s really it at this stage:

Building your Car Empire

I’ll definitely be playing along… but as with anything in cryptoland, don’t spend more than you can completely afford to lose.

The first step though… go and try and score yourself some of the free 1000 promo codes! Go get it!

Thanks for reading this post about Building your Car Empire! Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in it…

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