Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been hanging out in a super interesting Discord server called Hunt Town and I’m super impressed with the interconnected way everyone is building and helping each other.

Hunt Town is intends to collect builders from all around the world who are building Web3 applications, so that projects can easily match up the various skillsets required to launch decentralized applications. It’s still very much in its early days, but I do think there is a lot of potential in this community.

These have been my interactions with the group so far:

  • A bunch of people followed my Twitter account because I incentivized them to do so.
  • I proof-read and suggested changes to a team’s website and someone else rewarded me.
  • I won a raffle and received an NFT worth nearly $400 USD.
  • I won an auction and received some crypto.
  • I was one of the guest speakers on the first Twitter Spaces event.
  • I contributed some pixel art to another project.

The rewards come in the form of BUILD tokens, which only exist on the Discord server. In order to join the server initially, you have to mint a Hunt Town building NFT:

Hunt Town - builders building buildings?

Minting the Hunt Town NFT will cost you 1000 HUNT tokens, an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

1000 Hunt tokens are currently valued at $395 USD. If you didn’t want to buy HUNT tokens you could just buy a building NFT directly off Opensea:

Hunt Town - builders building buildings?

Considering 0.220 ETH is currently valued at $384 USD it seems like a good deal.

Each NFT has locked up 1000 HUNT tokens for 365 days, and you can see with this one for sale, there is still 348 days before you can burn it for 1000 HUNT tokens:

Hunt Town - builders building buildings?

Each Hunt Town building NFT that you own earns you BUILD points every day…

Hunt Town - builders building buildings?
BUILD Point – Hunt Town

… and with these BUILD points, you can either use them in the weekly raffle to win another HUNT building or use them to incentivize other builders to help you with your project or use them to use the Hunt Town ChatGPT, etc. Honestly, every week it seems like there are new ways to both earn and spend your BUILD points.

This discord server is full of helpful people and incredible ideas. There’s over 300 Discord members at the moment, and I think most builders are coders, but as more marketers, testers, investors, documenters, communicators come in I expect to watch more and more projects get built in real time within this community.

I know the cost of the literal barrier to entry (one HUNT Town building) is off-putting to most people reading this, but I have noticed that it does mean that the community as it stands are willing to help others and not just extract as much value from the project with as little effort as possible, which is unfortunately a super common practice in the Web3 space.

It’s a pretty talented group… a bunch of different builders won a pretty great hackathon a couple of weeks ago which was super impressive.

So, in answer to the question in the title, the builders are using buildings to build their Web3 projects. Obviously!

If you’re interested to learn more about it… let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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