Blockchain tokens provide a pleasant surprise…

Forgotten blockchain tokens led to a surprise today.

A long time ago in a universe far away, I was helping out with a project called Steemhunt. An incredibly hard working development team worked on a blockchain equivalent to ProductHunt.

This is Steemhunt:

Users receive upvotes for cool tech products or services.

Those upvotes via the Steem blockchain provide a tangible reward that can be exchanged for their local currency or spent as is….

On Product Hunt, hunters get internet points. A feature on Product Hunt can be a massive deal to a new start up.

… except Justin Sun attacked the Steem blockchain.


I had mentioned in my Blogging Platforms post that I’ve spent a bit of time on the Hive blockchain which is the successor to Steem… in a manner of speaking.

Steemhunt was a great way to earn extra Steem by being a moderator. Every day I would log on, and moderate the posts… making sure that the hunters had followed the guidelines correctly.

Each day our moderation comments got upvotes in Steem.

Each week we received bonus HUNT tokens as a thank you.

We had a good little group, and it was really fun. I enjoyed learning about the cool gadgets. The developers automated the moderation process after a year and we said our farewells.

Token values

I’m not sure know how long ago this was… I kept an eye on them…

… but honestly I mostly got distracted by other things.

At that time, the price was $0.002 per token.

That’s right… you’d need 5 tokens just to get 1 cent.

I never considered selling them…

…I was far more excited about a new platform the developers were intending to build called IdeaHunt. A crowd-sourcing platform like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter that would use the HUNT tokens.

A few months ago the blockchain token wallet attached to Steemhunt was to be shut down and I moved all my tokens to MetaMask.

A lot of people who didn’t get the memo ended up losing their HUNT tokens.

Which, ah, of course, didn’t hurt the burning of HUNT tokens, making them more scarce and driving the price up.

HUNT burning status

IdeaHunt is no longer in the team’s whitepaper. It’s a shame, it’s the platform I was most excited about.

Gold rush

I don’t know what the team’s direction is now… and I hadn’t thought about it at all, until I saw this post:

Sometimes the lottery ticket pays off

Which lead to this post:

HUNT TOKEN sell option on UNISWAP

Ultimately I was lead to Uniswap directly to see this:

ETH-HUNT blockchain tokens

That’s pretty small, but the interesting bit is this:

HUNT blockchain tokens

The token that was worth $0.002 is now being purchased at $0.0314.

Those two posts started a landslide of sales, with the price dropping from $0.036.

After all, when someone tells a group they just made 10 ETH (approximately $4k in value) on a token everyone had forgotten about, it’s going to affect the price.

Blockchain tokens

The surprise that I mentioned at the top of this post?

Turns out I have about $14k worth of these tokens.


As with everything, this could go to $0 tomorrow. The process of cashing out is pretty arduous, you can only do a small amount at a time, and I could potentially affect the price myself if I wasn’t careful.

I’m actually going to wait for a while on this… a ton of people have been selling, so I’ll see if the price recovers again.

The platforms are still in operation so I imagine there is still some demand for HUNT tokens, therefore I’m happy to wait and see. It’s easy to be patient on something you forgot about.

The moral of this story… collect all the tokens that you can. You never know when once of them might just work out for you.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments below…


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