Urban Gladiators Round 5

Welcome to the exciting fifth round of the Urban Gladiators contest!

Here are the previous rounds:
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Dallas vs Kara – Urban Gladiators Round 2
Eliza vs Felicity – Urban Gladiators Round 3
Hollie vs Karen – Urban Gladiators Round 4

This is a series that I super love… I took all the photos and created all the comics. I had a website a long time ago that people were able to vote on the winner of the fight. I’d create a post with just the profiles and a voting mechanism… give the voting a week, and while that was happening create all the art.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to get back into it sometime in the future.


Here is the teaser comic that I had previously posted on Instagram:

I don’t know if it was accidental or not, but I had made a second one… no idea why…


“How much longer?”

“Patience girl, we’ll hit the shore by midday.”

Being called ‘girl’ did nothing for Miranda’s mood. She pushed down her rage, saving it.

Her captain had his hands full trying to capture the slight breezes between the Greek islands.

The fight was exactly at midday, and if she was late by even seconds… she would forfeit her spot and make it impossible to progress any further.

Miranda had been training all year after having her leg broken in the 2nd round last year. She was stronger, more flexible and more balanced going into this first round. She wanted it more than any other fighter… all those hours of rehab had steeled her resolve.

It would have been the easiest thing in the world to walk away, but this was her time to take out the top prize. She needed it.

It was coming down to the wire, she could see the marina. Looks like the fight had moved to the docks to accommodate her. She put her lucky green top over her bikini as she stared down her opponent across the water using all the anxiety and rage to fuel her.

Round 5

Rosey vs Miranda in Sivota, Greece

Miranda is a dancer who easily incorporates nunchucks into her whirling dance of death.

Rosey is a model from the UK. She plays hard and she hits hard. She uses the unusual combo of whip and dagger. Can she survive the dancer?

This gladiatorial combat was held on the docks at the Marina in Sivota, one of the Greek islands. It is just stunning… an island paradise… most of the time.

One of these fighters got 93.75% of the social media vote, the biggest ever throughout the entire Urban Gladiator series.

Rosey from the UK won with 93.75% of the social media vote. Poor Miranda never stood a chance…

Thanks for reading this latest entry…


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