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Back in June and July I posted about registering for the Mint Club airdrop and exciting things you can do with your airdrop, and I wanted to give an update on all the exciting things that have been happening on the Mint.Club platform.

Firstly, look at this explosion of value and tokens!

Mint Club is exploding!

Back in July, this was a screenshot I included… which had the value, the number of tokens and the price…

That’s a 447% increase in price in 3 months and a 724% in total value. That’s way more than I was expecting… I honestly thought we’d see this kind of adoption over 3 years.

There were 7 people that used my referral code to claim their free Mint Club airdrop tokens… but I don’t actually know who they are… so if you were one of them, it might be worth checking on the value of tokens… maybe they’re in your MetaMask under the Binance Smart Chain network?

It’s not just the Mint token itself that have exploded. This platform is all about being able to very easily create your own tokens. The beauty of the platform is that token creation and token sales is super easy and doesn’t require any coding, but that all tokens are created with a bonding curve:

Mint Club is exploding!

The bonding curve essentially just means that each token that’s purchased is a slightly higher price than the previous token purchased, and each token sold is sold for a slightly lower price than the previous token sold. This prevents founders or early adopters sitting on their tokens for a long time and then removing all their liquidity when the price is high and devastating that market.

With all the tokens backed by the Mint token, the platform also allows people to be able to create their own token without having to offer up a bunch of liquidity initially just to allow trading. There is a lot to like about this system.

When I first jumped onto this platform, I bought a few tokens with my Mint to try it all out and help support projects I liked… and, um, wow.

For example, one of the first tokens I purchased was the Musing token that supports a website I loved called Musing.io, a Q&A site where both the askers and answerers receive crypto tips:

Mint Club is exploding!

3 months ago I had purchased 420 Musing tokens for 32,181,706 MINT tokens which was worth $100USD at the time. Today 32,181,706 MINT tokens is worth $517USD, but my 420 MSC tokens are valued at $1,316USD. This helps the Musing.io project both fund their project and share in the success and popularity of their platform.

All the tokens I had initially purchased have gone through a similar explosion, but I’ll provide another example.

The token MJCAR was created to help bridge the Mint Club and Steem blockchain communities. While I have issues with the Steem blockchain myself, I still wanted to see Mint Club succeed and so purchased $100USD worth of tokens.

Mint Club is exploding!

This token has been so popular that they’ve nearly sold out of the tokens originally minted.

That $100USD worth of MJCAR tokens I purchased is now worth $2,665 whereas that 43,393,677 MINT tokens are currently valued at $697USD. The power of a community that owns and uses it’s own tokens is honestly incredible. There aren’t many opportunities to get 2,565% on an initial investment… but if you have to speculate on something, community is a good thing to back.

There’s lots to like about Mint.Club at the moment, they’ve got their governance DAO token that allows the community to vote on features and progress.

They’ve got a Grant token that is the most explosive token on the whole platform, that awards grants to people who expand the ecosystem. These grants are voted on by community. The community has a week to approve or reject people’s grant proposals…

Mint Club is exploding!
Mint Club is exploding!

I actually received Mint Grant tokens myself for my last two posts… so it’s a pretty rewarding system that, honestly, seems totally underutilized by the community.

They’ve also built in the ability to add a widget to your own website but just adding a Widget Link. I couldn’t get it to work with WordPress just now… but I’m sure developers smarter than me can easily add it into their sites…

One thing I haven’t really seen on other blockchain projects is a really detailed To Do list. You often see a high level roadmap… but the Mint Club really gets into the nitty gritty:

Mint Club is exploding!

They have sections on:

Personally though, the things I’m really excited about are the expansion onto Ethereum and the cross-chain bridge for smart tokens….

Transacting on the Mint.Club platform uses the Binance Smart Chain which is a lot more centralized than Ethereum but the gas prices on the BSC are also a fraction of the cost of gas prices on Ethereum… so the ability to transact across these two blockchains will unlock a ton of utility for both communities.

I’ve interacted quite a bit with this development team and they really are one of the most hard working and productive teams I’ve ever come across. I’m really excited with the value that this platform can bring to everyone in the blockchain space. This is exactly the kind of platform that will help communities decentralize and fund projects that are important to them… without a number of the risks that space currently has. I honestly can’t wait to see where this project is in another 3 months.

Thanks so much for reading my Mint Club is exploding! post. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.


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