Hi everyone!

I’ve been pretty quiet on the posting front over the last couple of months. Not for any drastic reason, but there was definitely a few things that took priority.

Firstly, this post from @Belemo rocked me to my core:

My BSC wallet was hacked

Before reading this, I honestly had no idea MetaMask could be hacked, I thought it was pretty safe and so Belemo’s experience taught me a lot. I did a ton of research afterwards and spoke to some intelligent people and have worked out some pretty solid security solutions. I don’t personally have much crypto, I really want to pay down my debts first, but the reason it shook me was because a lot of my future plans and projects are in the cryptosphere. It looked so easy for years of effort to be lost because of a couple of misclicks. Definitely the huge downside in being your own bank.

It wasn’t just Belemo either… the Mint project which I’ve written about a couple of times suffered a hack of a huge whale’s wallet which absolutely decimated the price… and then just as it was recovering there was an insider hack of their partner Nutbox which then just killed any momentum the project had.

I mean… look at the Mint chart:

Such a promising project with so much work put into it… just completely rocked by a couple of things that really had nothing to do with the team. Again, I wasn’t personally affected, it all just made me stop, pause and research appropriate security measures so I had an understanding of what I’ll need to implement for my own projects.

I work in the cyber security field… and so the log4j vulnerability hit everyone I know and completely took up our December. For literally everyone I know professionally, we all had to drop what we were doing and essentially work 24/7 on this funness.

Yes yes yes, but I thought this post was supposed to be about 2022!

There’s lots to be excited about in 2022.

The HIVE blockchain and my blogging website are huge components of my future. Not just in 2022 but really for the rest of my life. I really missed creating content these past two months… and I’ve got so many ideas for the things I want to create. HIVE is easily the best example of web3 that I’ve seen, and while I’m not sure if it’s liquidity is super scalable, there is so much to be excited about, especially Ragnarok.

Splinterlands is going to be a huge feature in my 2022.

I’m still really struggling to win to the same level I used to… which honestly isn’t surprising since the playerbase has multiplied many times over since I started.

I do have a plan on how to improve and hopefully make my mark on the tournaments… but I might have to wait until the SPS airdrop has finished in 204 days. I absolutely intend to play this game for years… maybe decades and I see the next 200 days as a really important base-building moment.

Luckily I have about as much trust in the Splinterlands team as I do of any gaming studio, so I’m really pretty confident they’ll be around for a long time yet. Their 2022 roadmap honestly fills me with joy.


I’ve also been investigating GALA games and honestly, there is so much to be incredibly excited about. My friends have been playing Townstar but personally I can not wait for Mirandus:


It’s not released yet… but it’s going to be a MMORPG where you can craft your own NFT items. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was a defining game in my youth and an NFT version is beyond exciting.

Sidebar: I just found out that since WAR closed in 2013… a private group of volunteer developers recreated the game and have been running it ever since. People are amazing.

From an athletic point of view, I’m still keen to compete in a Ninja Warrior competition, but my lower back and golfer’s elbow still aren’t resolved after a year of twice-weekly PT visits. The back isn’t really an issue, but the elbow essentially prevents me from doing any upper body exercises, which, are, um, essential in obstacle course competitions.

I’ve got an appointment next month to look into a surgical option, so we’ll see what happens there…

I’m still working on my overall fitness, balance and endurance, but the competition in March that I was aiming for might not be possible.

The other thing I’ve really been missing, and intend to concentrate a lot more on in 2022, is Pixel Art.

I’ve been following a few Pixel Artists on Twitter and Instagram and it’s incredibly inspiring… and daunting. I just want to be really good without putting in the hundreds of hours of practice. Is that too much to ask?

I mean… who wouldn’t want to spend their days creating this sort of masterpiece?

So this is where my head is at…. let’s go 2022!


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