Hello and welcome to my Monthly Income Report for February! This is my 7th monthly income report for my Lifebe.com.au blog! Well over the halfway point of my 12 month experiment.

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Let’s hit this….

I’ve now got 44 posts on this blog. With 4 produced in February. I actually slowed right down in the last month. There’s been quite a lot going on with my other projects and some legal, ah, murkiness over the, intense obstacle course thing I’m training for. I’m not in trouble or anything, but it’s taking a long time to determine which phrases are legally okay to use.

I’ve still been training, I just haven’t been writing about my training.

This monthly income report will include not just income from this blog, but income from my blogging efforts… this includes my content on PeakD.comCinnamon.video and Coil.com

I won’t be including the web-monetization from Coil and Cinnamon because it consists of hundreds of transactions… it’s honestly not much, a couple of dollars a month.

Income for February

+ $300 Cinnamon Boost

Looks like I made the Top 10 in January for Cinnamon.video… which is awesome. I was hoping to… I’ve been posting a lot more there in the last couple of months, but you never really know what the other creators are doing.

I still think there has been a significant drop off in Cinnamon activity since Coil announced they are no longer continuing their boost program and the SEC is suing Ripple.

All these hardcore people who were shilling XRP constantly have completely disappeared. There was a ‘screw you SEC’ social media push to ‘pump and hold’ XRP a couple of weeks ago, and almost everyone I know sold all their bags on the way up.

It was a total scam, using the crowdsourced anti-SEC enthusiasm of WSB days perpetuated by XRP influencers who used their social media followings to essentially offload their “investment” onto people who trusted them. So gross.

The thing is that the XRP technology hasn’t changed and is constantly improving… but Coil and Cinnamon have now lost a huge chunk of their creators.

I really do want Cinnamon to succeed though… YouTube is just awful without an ad blocker, and is continually doing dodgy things like deleting Coindesk’s YouTube channel. It’s super hard… the people will always go to where the people are… but alternatives are definitely needed.

This is my Cinnamon channel:


+ $606.23 Coil Boost

Looks like Coil is going to be incredible consistent with these last remaining boost payments until April. I know I’ve got a huge amount of work to do to encourage people to sign up to Coil via the Coil affiliate link signups to get anywhere close to these amounts…. and that’s why I think this is a good move by Coil.

Especially since they’re moving away from being a blogging site and really just concentrating on the microtransactions and Interledger technology instead.

My Coil page is:


Costs for February

– $14 Fathom Analytics

My Fathom trial period is over and since I don’t have any active referrals yet (click here if you’re interested) I’m now paying full price for this honestly fantastic service. I check it every day and I can’t emphasis enough how excited I am to use it and not leak data to Google Analytics.

Results for February

Income Total – $906.23

Expenses Total – $14

Profit Total – $892.23

I also earned 87.90 HIVE for my posts and investments in the Hive ecosystem… which is worth about $25. I didn’t put it in my income tally because I’m keeping all my Hive on the blockchain. It’s not true revenue.

I technically earned more HIVE than that… but I used the majority of it to rent a Level 4 Yodin Zaku summoner card for Splinterlands… and somehow did worse than usual.

Analytics for February

Building up traffic is always a difficult prospect, but here’s where I’m at:


Honestly the same as January but with half the new posts. What I really like about my own blog website is that it feels like you’re continually building, the views and visits should increase over time as more people find my posts. That doesn’t really seem to happen on the bigger platforms like Hive and Coil… it always feels like you’ve got such a short window to grab people’s attention.

I got a retweet from the Hunt Twitter account which definitely helped a lot…. which, ah, would also explain this:

Hunt is based in South Korea.

I’m socialising my posts on Pinterest and Twitter. Notice the complete lack of Pinterest traffic in the traffic sources above? Yeah, I’m not good at it but so many bloggers swear by it. Obviously my content is less cakes and more technology, but I’ll stick with it for the moment.


Not only did I write half as much this month, but I forgot to repin things, and I think that’s why my stats are all red. I think you’ve got to do it every day or else the platform hates you. Non-blockchain algorithmic platforms are so annoying.

Obviously things are going well without advertising, affiliate links, courses, merchandise, etc that most blogs use to monetize… but that’s not going to last for too much longer.

Do I have a plan? No, not at all. I’ll just keep producing content, hopefully keep growing and see what I can achieve. Incremental improvement is key.

Thanks so much for reading my Monthly Income Report for February.
Please hit me up on Twitter or throw down in the comments below if you have any questions.


Please note : The above post may contain affiliate links.

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Splinterlands – A super fun blockchain card game that I play almost every day.

Fathom Analytics – Cookie notices no longer needed since Fathom doesn’t track data. You can see this site’s analytics right here.

Coil – A $5 USD monthly subscription fee provides you access to a ton of content and sites in a way that fairly rewards the creators of that content.

Exxp – The WordPress App to link your blog to the Hive blockchain.

NomadTask – Earn for completing online tasks like following accounts or completing reviews.

MINT Club – Create your own Smart Media Tokens with no coding required.

GALA Games – Gala is creating a whole platform of blockchain games. Definitely excited about Mirandus, Townstar and SpiderTanks.

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