Pixel Art NFTs

Exploring the amazingly adorable world of Pixel Art NFTs!

Hi everyone!

I had the huge pleasure of talking to @Andielor about his pixel art NFTs and how he creates his pixel art. He was absolutely love to chat to. You can see the discussion on my Cinnamon.Video channel :

Pixel Art NFTs

I’ve been so impressed with @andielor‘s success in the NFT world so far. He’s still very new but he’s already got 245 followers on his Rarible page and has sold a number of pieces already:


He’s also got this incredible Hivetoaut on the NFT Showroom for 150 Hive:

Pixel Art NFTs

@andielor is also runs the pixel art competitions alongside @atlantiss and @kristyglas for the Pixel Art community.

It’s a great weekly competition to get everyone inspired and motivated to create and support each other. I personally entered one of the first competitions where I got an honorable mention for this guy:

Pixel Art NFTs

I haven’t been as active on Hive as I would like… so it was actually Dan’s NFT giveaway on Twitter that caught my eye:

I’d say it’s 100% worth following Daniel on Twitter since he has been so generous in the past with his NFT giveaways whenever he hits particular milestones.

Thanks to @andielor once again for this chat. I really can’t wait to get myself involved in the NFT art scene with some pixel art… Pixel Art NFTs for the win!!

I’m also keen to explore the NFT Showroom for my Urban Gladiator series:


Personally I would love it if there was the functionality to blur the image on the NFT showroom so that customers couldn’t read the whole comic in the showroom itself. NFTs could very well have the capability to sell comics, magazine articles, photos, etc. NFT Showroom could potentially unseat sites like OnlyFans and Patreon with that kind of functionality… Definitely an area to explore…

Thanks for watching!

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